[OS X TeX] Imposing Latex on authors of articles

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Feb 26 19:10:22 CET 2008

Le 26 févr. 08 à 18:41, James Owen a écrit :

> 2: A year or two ago, I had to convert my dissertation, which was in  
> ClarisWorks 3 format, into Appleworks, and then into Pages, so that  
> I could still read it. With LaTeX, I would just have rerun the LaTeX  
> engine, and got a new copy.

Do you know whether AppleWorks reads MacWrite II or Pro files? My PhD  
thesis was in MacWrite II format and I have converted it to MacWrite  
Pro, but I missed getting AppleWorks and then when I bought iWork I  
realized Pages does not read MacWrite Pro files (I expected it would,  
being Apple software).

I'd still like to be able to read my thesis files, and given I've no  
longer any PPC Mac I can no longer run Classic and hence MacWrite Pro.  
If you confirm that AppleWorks is the key, then I might try to get a  
copy somewhere (given it is no longer available from Apple, right?).

Bruno Voisin

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