[OS X TeX] MinionPro Package with LiveTeX

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sun Feb 17 11:33:59 CET 2008

Le 17 févr. 08 à 11:11, Matthew Braham a écrit :

> Sigh ... I activated root following instructions from the author of  
> the package who was trying to help me. Now to cut the chase. When  
> you say to wipe my disk, do you mean the TeX installation or the  
> entire OS?
> If it is the OS I am not really too bothered about this because I  
> plan to do a Leopard update soon now that 10.5.2 has been released.  
> The original version of 10.5 made my system inoperable so I wiped my  
> disk and reinstalled Tiger. I have decided if I upgrade I will do a  
> clean install.
> If it is only a matter of wiping the TeX installtion then I am happy  
> to do it. Also, I have TinkerTools so I can see all the directories  
> that you suggest should be deleted in Finder. Can I delete them this  
> way? Its faster and will save me making errors.

Hi Matthew,

I meant the OS, but hopefully that won't be necessary. Normally the  
instructions at the end of my message should be enough. Whether or not  
you can use TinkerTools I don't know: I've never used it. I suppose  
you can: several people from this list have reported using it and be  
very happy with it (must have been Herb Schulz or Gary Gray, I don't  

In case you reinstall TeX, be sure to erase /var/root/.texlive2007/, / 
var/root/Library/ and ~/Library/texmf/ beforehand (after backing up  
stuff your personal manual additions): upon installation TeX wouldn't  
touch these directories, which would then stay as they are and be a  
potential source of future problems.

Generally, be very careful with readme and install files that come  
with additional TeX packages (or help from package authors): most of  
them have been written with Linux or Windows in mind, and need  
adaptation to the specifics of the Mac TeX distros.

I won't be able to provide more help today, sorry: I'll have to switch  
to real-life duties.

Best of luck,


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