[OS X TeX] The `%!TEX TSprogram = TeXify' line used in TeXShop ...

Anthony Morton amorton at fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 14 07:51:26 CET 2008

> But of course the file still won't be identified as LaTeX source  
> unless you add the %%!TEX or whatever to the magic file - it's still  
> expecting /documentclass or some similar command on the first line  
> of the file.  If you have to modify the magic database anyway you  
> might as well get it to recognise %!TEX which has been established  
> as a de facto standard for some time now.

Incidentally, one way you might be able to get arXiv.org to recognise  
your LaTeX file with additional %!TEX (or any other 'nonstandard')  
directives is to add a line

%\ -*-latex-*-

at the start of the file.  This is recognised as LaTeX source by /usr/ 
share/file/magic on Leopard and probably on other systems as well.   
According to the TeXShop documentation the %!TEX lines only have to be  
within the first 20 lines of the file to be recognised.

Alternatively, you may be able to just put the %!TEX directives after  
the \documentclass at the start of the file.

Tony M.

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