[OS X TeX] Nested \textbf{\textsc{xyz}}

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Feb 13 22:07:50 CET 2008

Hello Holger,

On 14/02/2008, at 7:16 AM, Holger Frauenrath wrote:

> Dear all,
> one of my coworkers needs bold small caps, so he just used a nested  
> \textbf{\textsc{xyz}}. To my surprise, this did not work when  
> Compuer Modern or Latin Modern fonts (package lmodern) are chosen.  
> The characters just show up as small bold letters. The same happens  
> with small caps in section titles.

Your  log file/console window  should have a warning message:

    LaTeX Font Warning: Some font shapes were not available, defaults  

> Doing \textsc{\textbf{xyz}} also just gives small bold letters.

Try using  \textsc{\bfseries xyz}  or  \textbf{\scshape xyz} ,
but don't expect much difference as ...

> Using the fourier package (the Utopia fonts), everything works fine.
> Is this supposed to be like this?

  ... there is no bold small-caps font in the Computer Modern family.

Well, that's actually not quite true.
There is a font  cmbcsc10  that can be used,
but only in a bitmapped form. There is no
scalable PostScript outline form of this font,
so LaTeX's .fd files do not refer to it.

You can get it directly by:


    Here is a {\boldsc bold small-caps variant: xyz}.

The first time you do this, Metafont will be called
to produce the new bitmapped glyphs.

For headings, where the font-size is larger,
you'll have to work a bit harder; e.g.

    \font\titlesc=cmbcsc10 at 14pt

    {\titlesc bold small-caps in a title}

and put in the extra markup explicitly.

Alternatively, take a copy of the relevant .fd file
and make alterations to allow LaTeX to work out
when you want to use this non-standard font.

> Thanks for suggestions.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

> Holger
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Nice place.

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