[OS X TeX] Voting on feature requests

Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 23:15:46 CET 2008

On Feb 11, 2008, at 4:40 PM, Chris Goedde wrote:

> Just a couple of comments.
>> F—A Typeset button that does NOT save at the same time
> I don't see how this would ever work, since TeXShop calls tex/latex/ 
> pdf..tex to do the dirty work, and these command-line programs  
> require files be written out to disk. So if you want the current  
> changes in the editor window to be tex'd, they have to be written  
> out to disk somewhere, hence the save-before-texing behavior. One  
> could imagine trying to fake this by writing the file to a tmp  
> directory, but this won't work except in the simplest cases.

I am sure you are right but I am equally sure that if you were not,  
if there were a way around, I wouldn't begin to have a shadow of an  
idea how to go about it. Mine is to wish, the TeXShop Gods' to grant.

>> G—Let the bottom of the source window be standard, with a  
>> horizontal scroll bar
> I don't know what this means. For example, neither Mail.app nor  
> TextEdit.app have horizontal scroll bars, so it seems to me that  
> TeXShop's source window is perfectly standard in this regard.

I plead guilty as charged on "standard". (Of course Apple never had  
any problem not adhering to its own "guidelines", as with, at the  
very beginning of times, MacPaint.)

> Do you mean that the editor should allow soft wrapping to be turned  
> off?

I was going to say no but realized just in time that, yes, that was  
what I meant: occasionally, with a long formula to edit and no place  
to widen the window, it would be nice—with a horizontal scroll bar.

It would also

> facilitate scroll down with a fully extended window. I am using a  
> patch of TeXShop that someone—I am ashamed to say I can't recall who 
> —wrote and mentioned on this list and sent me last summer.

But let G be amended to read

G—Let the editor allow soft wrapping to be turned off while turning  
on a horizontal scroll bar.

Hopeful regards.

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