[OS X TeX] Re: AMS-TeX, graphics, and TexShop

Alan Shuchat ashuchat at wellesley.edu
Sun Feb 10 04:25:16 CET 2008

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for getting TeXShop to  
typeset Textures AMS-TeX documents with graphics. Based especially on  
Julian Aguirre's and Ross Moore's ideas, this seems to be the best  
way to do it without making extensive changes in the file.

1. Open the AMS-TeX file in Textures and save the graphics as pdfs.
	Copy each graphic, switch to Preview and create a new document from  
the clipboard (command-N), and save as pdf.

2. Open the AMS-TeX file in TeXShop and add these commands at the  
	\input miniltx (lets you use some LaTeX commands)
	\input color (optional)
	\input graphicx
	\input amstex

3. Replace the original commands for displaying the graphics with  

4. Typeset in TeXShop using Plain TeX.

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