[OS X TeX] Problem installing 'xypic' and 'xyling' under Leopard

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Fri Feb 8 21:33:19 CET 2008

At 11:31 AM -0800 2/8/08, Eldon Lytle wrote:
>The writing I do requires representation of
>complicated linguistic structures. In searching the
>web for laTeX graphics packages designed for this
>task, I came upon 'xypic' and 'xyling.' These I
>downloaded but can't get them to install under

Assuming you are using MacTeX, xypic and xyling 
are already installed as part of TeXLive, so you 
shouldn't need to install them yourself.

Try the followng document in TeXShop:

%!TEX TS-program = latex
\Tree{ & \K{VP}\B{dl}\B{dr} \\
\K{NP}\B{d} & & \K{V$¹$}\B{dl}\B{dr} \\
\K{\emph{John}}& \K{V$^{0}$}\B{d} & & \K{NP}\B{d} \\
& \K{\emph{loves}} & & \K{\emph{Mary}} }

This should produce a proper tree.

Note, that since xyling uses pstricks, documents 
using it must use latex+dvips instead of 
pdflatex.  To do this in TeXShop, put

%!TEX TS-program = latex

as the first line of your file.

To see the (unfortunately badly named) 
documentation, open a terminal window, and type

texdoc xyli-doc


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