[OS X TeX] Problem installing 'xypic' and 'xyling' under Leopard

Eldon Lytle relampus at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 20:31:57 CET 2008

The writing I do requires representation of
complicated linguistic structures. In searching the
web for laTeX graphics packages designed for this
task, I came upon 'xypic' and 'xyling.' These I
downloaded but can't get them to install under

The command provided in the documentation for
installation is:  

          ./support/install-tds <texmf>

'install-tds' is present in the download package and
the path for '<texmf> seems straightforward, but
Leopard always reports that 'No such file or
directory' exists.'

Because I'm a newcomer to both laTeX and Leopard, I
can't decide whether my formulation of the command
line is wrong or whether the command as given is
somehow out of sync with Apple's new operating system.
Any  assistance would be sincerely appreciated.


       Eldon Lytle

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