[OS X TeX] includegraphics in xelatex and filenames with spaces

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Feb 5 12:55:12 CET 2008

On 5 Feb 2008, at 4:11 am, Álex Bueno wrote:

> On 04 Feb 2008, at 4:52 am, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> With the move to xdvipdfmx as default driver (even on OS X), maybe  
>> we should remove the QuickTime-only formats from xetex.def, so  
>> that xelatex won't even try to use those (unless the user does  
>> something to explicitly enable them).
> Is xdvipdfmx default in 0.996?


> Or is it supposed to switch to xdv2pdf if there are tiff files?

It does not (and probably never will) switch drivers automatically;  
you make that choice with the -output-driver option. (XeTeX executes  
the driver in parallel with the formatting process, which gives a  
substantial performance boost on dual-processor machines. But there's  
no way for xetex to know, when it starts to feed page 1 to the  
driver, whether there might be a TIFF image coming on page 100. And  
it can't switch drivers mid-stream!)

> Just running xelatex file.tex seems to use xdv2pdf for me.

Right; this is the default up to 0.996; it will change in 0.997, for  
better compatibility across platforms, better performance on most  
files, support for virtual fonts, and better support for a variety of  
LaTeX packages. The downside will be the loss of support for older  
Mac font formats (LWFN-package PostScript), and for a bunch of  
graphics formats, including TIFF, until/unless support for these is  
added to xdvipdfmx.

xdv2pdf remains available but you'll have to explicitly choose to use  
it if you want it (in 0.997 and beyond). For most users and most  
documents, xdvipdfmx seems to be the better default.


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