[OS X TeX] includegraphics in xelatex and filenames with spaces

Robert Bruner rrb at math.wayne.edu
Tue Feb 5 08:54:13 CET 2008

> Thanks very much for all the responses.
> On 04 Feb 2008, at 2:16 am, Bernhard Barkow wrote:
> > (By the way, I would avoid these spaces anyway, they are never  
> > really necessary and just keep causing problems, no matter how  
> > advanced our computing infrastructure gets.)
> I had read in the xetex list archives that filenames with spaces  
> should work. Still, not using spaces is certainly advisable, but in  
> this case I've been given the task of converting a file to tex, in  
> which all the images are linked to the file hierarchy. Symlinks would  
> solve this, but the file has over 100 images, so perhaps there might  
> be an easier way, I thought. Despite our advanced computing  
> infrastructure, it really would be nice if spaces stopped being  
> special characters, along with universally adopting unicode, etc. ...

Padon my ignorance, but without delimiters, how do you break a stream of
characters into words?

I find filenames with spaces very irritating in general, but Unix has always
had a simple way of dealing with them, e.g., "File Name with Spaces".  The
default that spaces are the end of the story sure saves a lot of extra

Bob Bruner
(yes, there is a space in my name)

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