[OS X TeX] includegraphics in xelatex and filenames with spaces

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Feb 4 10:31:29 CET 2008

Am 04.02.2008 um 08:16 schrieb Bernhard Barkow:

> I just tried this example, the interesting thing is that my XeLaTeX  
> seems not to include TIFF files at all (just white space), and JPEG  
> files are included, but at a wrong scale (looks like assuming a  
> 300dpi resolution where the image has only 72; in draft mode the  
> bounding box is displayed correctly, I'll have to examine that  
> further).

The problem with XeTeX is that it can handle much more graphics  
formats (as TeX is able to, because a graphics file is nothing more  
than some reserved spot to be occupied later with whatever). PdfTeX  
supports PDF, PNG, and JPEG (no JPEG2000 I think). Dvips is  
restricted to PS and EPS. Dvipdfm supports PS (+ EPS?) and METAPOST,  
as well as PDF, PNG, and JPEG (no JPEG2000, came too late). And XeTeX  
makes it complicated, because xdvipdfmx supports PDF, PNG, JPEG (no  
JPEG2000 I think), and BMP (MS Windows), and xdv2pdf accepts most of  
what Apple's Quicktime accepts: MAC, PICT, PSD, SGI, TGA, TIFF, GIF.  
I see that PNG and JPEG are missing from my records ...

I also found that xdvipdfmx handles PNG files different than pdfTeX.

It's easy to make such tests when you don't want to read TeX sources  
(DEF file for graphicx). Graphics Convertor or ImageMagick can  
convert graphics formats and export to whatever you want to test,  
some day.

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