[OS X TeX] Trouble with Cyrillic on new Mac Pro

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Feb 3 16:59:16 CET 2008

Am 03.02.2008 um 16:16 schrieb David Derbes:

> (/usr/local/texlive/2007/texmf-dist/tex/latex/cyrillic/t2acmr.fd
> File: t2acmr.fd 2001/08/11 v1.0a Computer Modern Cyrillic font  
> definitions
> )
> ! Font T2A/cmr/m/n/10.95=larm1095 at 10.95pt not loadable: Metric  
> (TFM) file no
> t found.
> <to be read again>
>                    relax
> l.100 \fontencoding\encodingdefault\selectfont

I don't have this FD file ...

At least your problem is not related to font mapping, it seems that  
it's just an installtion problem: no or not enough Cyrillic font  
support installed.

I don't use MacTeX, can someone else check?

And: I'll be off for some hours!



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