[OS X TeX] Full Page Graphic on First Page?

Richard J Benish rjbenish at teleport.com
Sat Feb 2 23:20:05 CET 2008

Many thanks for all the suggestions. After much fumbling I couldn't 
get the archived file to cooperate for one reason or another. It is 
more complicated than I need.

Matthew's suggestion appears to be almost working.

The remaining problem is that the figure is not even close to being 
centered; it's scooted way over to the left so that almost half of it 
is chopped off and the right side of it is slightly to the right of 
center of the page. (Although I was not happy with where the graphic 
was placed in any of my tries, previously it always came somewhat 
close to being pleasingly centered.)

Below is the code (which perhaps contains some needless things that 
I've stuck in there for one reason or another).

Thanks again for any help.

Richard Benish














%Lots of text



>Dear Richard,
>I believe Paulo's suggested options were either/or.
>Are you trying to have a separate pdf file be the first page of the 
>document?  Then this should work:
>\includepdf{titlepage} %<-- name of your pdf to be included
>text text text text...
>See the documentation for the pdfpages package to find options for 
>scaling and other stuff if it's too big.
>The figure environment is for graphics that "float" and are placed 
>by LaTeX according to an algorithm that decides what looks best.  If 
>you don't want a float, don't use the figure environment (you see I 
>didn't above).
>I can't quite tell from your original post, but in case you wanted a 
>big graphic *and* some text on the title page, you can use something 
>title page text
>text text text text ...
>I don't think you *need* to use pdtk here.  If you want to find out 
>more about it, open a terminal and type
>	pdftk --help
>It often helps if you post a sample of your code so others can 
>understand exactly what you've tried.
>Good luck!
>--Matthew Leingang
>On Feb 2, 2008, at 3:39 PM, Richard J Benish wrote:
>>Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm still lost.
>>I've downloaded and installed the pdftk application, but I can't 
>>find it or figure out how to turn it on. Sorry for my ignorance.
>>Meanwhile, I've experimented with using the "memoir" document class 
>>and it gets rid of the first blank page and the mysterious numbers 
>>-- which was really all I wanted to solve.
>>But now the figure (which is a pdf of about the same size as a 
>>page) appears at the end of the document even though the command to 
>>insert it is immediately after "begin document." I've tried the 
>>exclamation point after the h (h!) and it still wants to put all 
>>the text before the figure. Funny how the simplest things can 
>>sometimes be so difficult!
>>Any help would be much appreciated.
>>Richard Benish
>>>On 2008/02/02, at 16:09, Richard J Benish wrote:
>>>>I'm trying to create a "custom" document (not an article, book, 
>>>>or thesis, etc.) whose first page would contain a large graphic. 
>>>>Then a lot of text after that.
>>>>I've found a template that works for most purposes, but it has a 
>>>>blank first page and mysterious consecutive numbers (not the same 
>>>>as page number) below the text on each page.
>>>>The blank page appears even when the graphic is the first command 
>>>>after "begin document."
>>>>I assume this is because of the "documentclass," which is "article."
>>>>Is there a more appropriate document class or template or 
>>>>customized settings I should use to get rid of the first page and 
>>>>the mysterious numbers?
>>>>Thank you.
>>>>Richard Benish
>>>Is the graphic bigger than the page?
>>>Create a pdf page with the graphic and:
>>>1) Use the pdfpages package  inside the document.
>>>2) Paste  the graphic on the end with pdftk
>>>pdftk for 10.3 works well for 10.5 (and for 10.4 I presume)
>>>Paulo Ferreira
>Matthew Leingang
>Preceptor in Mathematics
>Harvard University
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