[OS X TeX] XeTeX - Beamer package font kerning problem

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Sat Feb 2 08:59:58 CET 2008

On  1 Feb, 2008, at 20:55, Horst Hohberger wrote:

> After recently discovering XeTeX after trying and failing to get the
> Chinese language pack CJK to work (ugh!), I have started to use it for
> all my TeX files. However,  I have encountered some difficulties with
> getting it to work with the beamer package (mostly resulting from the
> fact that xetex is not compatible with pgf).

With pgf from CVS


you get better results. Maybe you would like to subscribe to the  
excellent pgf and Beamer mailing lists:



> [...] I have also
> obtained open-type versions of the computer modern fonts CMU Serif,
> etc. There is one remaining sticking point: the character spacing does
> not seem to work properly, with parentheses running into letters in
> mathematical formulae. The problem disappears if I specify a font
> different from CMU which only has an upright version. Thus I surmise
> that the problem occurs because no allowance is made for the slanting
> of italics. Did I miss a setting in calling the xetex packages? For
> reference, i have attached two example files (source+pdf) to this
> post; if anyone could help me, I would be most grateful! I have spent
> a few days searching archives and googling, but to no avail.

I don't have the CM OpenType fonts, but got the same result  
commenting out the calls for those fonts. Anyway, this worked for me


There is also a XeTeX mailing list (excellent as well):




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