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Mon Dec 29 10:52:28 CET 2008

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Looking into more detail to the solution advertised on the net, I've  
modified it so that one does not have to reboot, nor even exit its  
session ....
I've tested it a couple of times without problem so far, but I can not  
guarantee it is risk free :

sudo rm -rf  /private/var/folders/*/*/-Caches-/
killall ATSServer

The first command is the usual one to remove the corrupted cache, the  
second one is killing the "Appel Type System server", that is the  
process handling the cache. This process is going to be restarted as  
soon as some application requires it (might slow down the next launch  
of an application requiring the font server).

It is still not a great solution, but at least it's faster than  
rebooting the machine or exiting the session… Although so far I've  
always quitted the faulty PDF viewing application before killing the  
font server, maybe it will just need a refresh of the PDF window ???

On another direction : is there a bug report number at apple  
concerning this problem ? I guess the more bug report they get from  
TeX (and derivative) users the more it is likely that in the future  
they'll better test the PDF rendering part, including the re-encoded  
font rendering !



Le 27 déc. 08 à 11:17, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> Am 27.12.2008 um 11:03 schrieb Serge Cohen:
>> Does someone really identified the cause of the cache corruption ?  
>> and a way to systematically avoid it.
> The cause is somewhere in Mac OS X 10.5.x: every PDF viewer (except  
> the Adobe products or X11 clients like gs/gv or xpdf) use system  
> APIs and therefore system services that evoke the chaos. (One idea  
> that came to my mind is that fonts in TeX are almost always re- 
> encoded. "Normal" documents and those created via XeTeX use the  
> Unicode encoded fonts as is, i.e., "naturally un-encoded.") The way  
> to avoid this is: return to Tiger (in this case I have to warn you  
> about Apple's latest so-called security update 8/2008: it made my  
> PowerBook unusable), upgrade to Snow-leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) that is  
> not regularly traded yet, or use different PDF viewers, those, which  
> are not depending on Apple "technology."
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>  Pete
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