[OS X TeX] comprehensive font families and abbreviation?

Duke duke.lists at gmx.com
Sun Dec 28 23:28:27 CET 2008

Hi folks,

I want to change font properties for just a single sentence (or 
paragraph), and after googling I came up with

The quick brown fox jumps over the sleazy dog.

where FONTNAMEABBR is the abbreviation of the font family that I want to 
use, for example, cmr for Computer Modern Roman, phv for Helvetica etc. 
I have two questions:

1. Where can I find a comprehensive list of font families together with 
samples AND abbreviations? I found the following list with nice sample


but I dont know how I can use these fonts because there is nothing about 
their abbreviations.

2. How do I know the font I want to use is already installed in my 
system and that I can use it?

FYI, I use 10.5.6 with MacTex 2008 (full package).



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