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Serge Cohen serge1cohen at free.fr
Sat Dec 27 11:03:05 CET 2008

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Hi list;

I've been resuming use of LaTeX lately, after a period of +/- 2 years  
without really using it.
After a couple of typesetting in TeXShop I had a font rendering issue  
in the PDF (the kind that if you open multiple times the document, the  
fonts may be different from one time to another).
After googling the net I've found some type of solution (eg. here : http://www.macresearch.org/fixing-broken-latex-fonts-leopard 
  ); and indeed removing the font cache and rebooting seems to solve  
the problem ... for a couple of days !

Basically it seems to me that somehow the font cache gets corrupted  
after a few days. Looking into more details on the net, I saw some a  
blaming TeXniscope, Latexit, Lee (LaTeX Equation Editor) ... The fact  
is I'm not using any of those, as I'm using TeXShop or TextMate as  
front ends, including their own PDF viewer backed on the same PDF  
rendering engine (as far as I know they are both using the PDF kit  
form Apple).

Does someone really identified the cause of the cache corruption ? and  
a way to systematically avoid it.

Thanks in advance for any help on the matter.


PS : I'm currently using pdflatex for rendering, would using eg.  
xelatex be a solution ?
PPS : Sorry if you received this email twice : I have posted it 2 days  
ago, and I still don't see it appear in the list... hence a second  
(and last) trial to send it.

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