[OS X TeX] Definitive font guide, please?

Nestor Aguilera aguilera at santafe-conicet.gov.ar
Tue Dec 23 20:42:51 CET 2008

On Dec 23, 2008, at 15:22, David B. Thompson, Ph.D., P.E., CFM wrote:

> I spent a few hours last weekend trying to work out how to use fonts  
> other than the Computer Modern family in LaTeX. I found nothing  
> definitive in the archives. Google wasn't much help either. I think  
> it's time I learned something about using some of the other font  
> families available to us.
> I tried the usual suspects, such as
> \usepackage[garamond]{mathdesign}
> and several variations on that theme. No joy.
> So, would someone point me to a definitive resource that a literate  
> LaTeX user can understand? I'm not a complete n00b, but this is an  
> area I haven't explored.

I do use regularly the mathdesign package. In my experience (with  
pdflatex), everything except the pfb files for garamond is included in  

Others in this list know much better than I do, but it seems that you  
don't have the fonts <<installed>>.

To see whether they are in your computer (available for everyone), in  
Terminal use:

locate mdbch.map

If this is OK, you should check whether the fonts are ``installed'' by  

updmap --listmaps

For the mathdesign package (charter, garamond, utopia) you should read  
somewhere in the output

Map mdbch.map
Map mdput.map
Map mdugm.map

If not, you should use updmap to install them (this is a confusing  
subject which uses a lot of bandwidth in this list), or use (with  

\pdfmapfile{+ mdbch.map} % or mdput.map or mdugm.map

in your .tex file.

Hope it helps.


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