[OS X TeX] Definitive font guide, please?

Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD joseph.slater at wright.edu
Tue Dec 23 19:29:55 CET 2008

On Dec 23, 2008, at 12:22 PM, David B. Thompson, Ph.D., P.E., CFM wrote:

> I spent a few hours last weekend trying to work out how to use fonts  
> other than the Computer Modern family in LaTeX. I found nothing  
> definitive in the archives. Google wasn't much help either. I think  
> it's time I learned something about using some of the other font  
> families available to us.
> I tried the usual suspects, such as
> \usepackage[garamond]{mathdesign}
> and several variations on that theme. No joy.
> So, would someone point me to a definitive resource that a literate  
> LaTeX user can understand? I'm not a complete n00b, but this is an  
> area I haven't explored.
> Thanks all. This is a wonderful list.

Does the wiki have anything that would help? There is a rather long  
page or two there. If you find something missing and figure it out,  
please assist in expanding it. We are trying to do this very thing,  
but using the collective knowledge or the community because I don't  
know why Times or CM isn't good enough for everyone.;)

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