[OS X TeX] Skim SKAutoReloadFileUpdate

Joseph C. Slater PE, PhD joseph.slater at wright.edu
Sat Dec 20 23:06:30 CET 2008

On Dec 20, 2008, at 4:51 PM, Adam M. Goldstein wrote:

> OK, bringing this thread back, and top quoting because I have a new  
> question---
> It looks like, unless one is typesetting from within TeXShop, there  
> is really no easy way at present to have the PDF auto-load without  
> creating the problems that Adam has described above, i.e., possibly  
> leading to garbaged PDF's and crashing the viewer in certain  
> circumstances, as well as who knows what else related to handling  
> the bad PDF's.
> One could resort to a kind of non-auto-loading: Don't set skim to  
> auto, and each time, wait until the typesetting is done, and then  
> push "yes" to reload manually.
> Any other suggestions?

It seems to me configuring latexmk and using it in place of your  
current typesetter would work. It can be (I have) configured to cause  
Skim to "revert" (which is really reload since your not reverting to  
and old version in this case) only after completion.

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