[OS X TeX] Label problems

Vic Norton vic at norton.name
Fri Dec 19 23:26:19 CET 2008

I am going crazy trying to figure out a label problem. Here is a  
snippet of my code.

     A^T_J \mathbf{f}_p & = & \mathbf{b}_J\lambda,\hspace*{26ex}\\
     A^T_K \mathbf{f}_p & \ge & \mathbf{b}_K\lambda,
   $\mathbf{f}_p = F\mathbf{p} = \mathbf{f}_{j_0} + A_J\mathbf{p}_J$.
   (If $n_J = 0$ then we think of \eqref{mult1} as holding vacuously.)

The two equations are always numbered correctly in the output. Let's  
say the numbers are
    eqn1 (1)
    eqn2 (2)
But the reference in "we think of \eqref{mult1}" often comes out as  
"we think of (3)" This (3) should be (1) to my way of thinking.

Does anyone have an idea of what my problem is?



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