[OS X TeX] BibLaTeX and archival (a la jurabib)

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Tue Dec 16 23:35:43 CET 2008

On 16.12.2008, at 20:16, G.H. Szylowsky PhD wrote:

> Hi Rolf,
> Why are you using BibLaTeX. I looked at it and I decided that any  
> bibtex variant requiring a 175 page manual is a monstrosity.
> BibTeX is Gratzer's book with all the examples is 30 pages.

I don't know why Rolf uses biblatex, but basic bibtex is extremely  
limited and biblatex solves about every problem bibtex has and it does  
it without relying on an obscure proprietary language no one really  
knows. For example, if you're in humanities, there are many things  
which just can't be done properly in bibtex which are perfectly easy  
in biblatex.

As for the manual: Your irony is completely out of place. The world  
would be a better place if every software had documentation of the  
quality biblatex has.
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