[OS X TeX] Lost in Mac space

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 13 20:39:25 CET 2008

On 13 dec 2008, at 20:32, cfrees at imapmail.org wrote:

> But you back up, right? Backups existed long before Leopard. Indeed,
> even if I was on Leopard - which I'm not - I would not trust solely to
> TM backups given what I've read of others' experiences with it. I use
> Carbon Copy Cloner although there are other options and CCC does crash
> on me from time to time. Something where you can automate backup is
> crucial I think. All you need is an external drive with (for PPC and
> preferably for intel,  too) a firewire port.

I did backup before Leopard, but time machine ensures I do it on a  
regular basis - before there was no plan, it was ad hoc.

Yes, I've used it to restore, and it works for me. I've hard though  
that a network TM backup is not quite as reliable (or speedy) as a  
direct (FireWire) connection. I have a FW800 drive, and no complaints  
at all about the speed.

TM is far enough out of my way to ensure I have a current backup - it  
is completely automated, and _anyone_ can set it up. I do recommend  
you invest in a _silent_ external drive though. I don't bother with an  
additional backup beyond TM.


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