[OS X TeX] Euro symbol

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Thu Dec 11 21:16:14 CET 2008

Friedrich Vosberg schrieb:

>> \usepackage[right]{eurosym}  
>> Then type something like
>> "I have spent \EUR{100} two days ago."
> I want to type € (ALT+E), i.e. tapping two keys simultaneously, but not
> \EUR{}. This are first three keys simultaneously, then one key holded
> and three keys and for the braces holding another key and tap two more
> keys. This is not efficient.

It's about mapping the encoding of your input file to the fonts you use.

First, you need an input encoding that comprises the Euro font symbol
you input over your (German) keyboard, eg. latin9 = iso latin 8895-15.


Save your file in this format, then use inputenc to declare its encoding
in the preamble of your document.

And then, you require a font that brings along a Euro font symbol.
Select this font in the preamble. The abovementioned solution works
because if uses a special Euro font that comes separately from the
standard font used for typesetting your document, regardless of whether
this font contains a Euro symbol or not.


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