[OS X TeX] [tlmgr] - what does this mean?

Richard L. Aurbach rick at aurbach.com
Wed Dec 10 21:39:26 CET 2008

I am continuing to be confused about tlmgr.

I followed the directions from Herb Schulz' latest readme file -- used  
update-tlmgr-latest.sh (dated 02-Dec), which appears to have succeeded.

So the next thing is to see what needs to be updated:

[Dogberry:~/Downloads] rlaurb% tlmgr update --list
tlmgr: installation location http://mirror.ctag.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/2008
unusable location http://mirror.ctag.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/2008/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb 
, could not load any packages
Cannot load TeX Live database from http://mirror.ctag.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/2008 
  at /usr/texbin/tlmgr line 2110.
[Dogberry:~/Downloads] rlaurb%

Now what? Is this expected behavior? If not, is the problem likely to  
be on the server side or with my installation of TexLive?

Any ideas or clues or whatever would be greatly appreciated.


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