Re: [OS X TeX] MacTeX DVD has arrived (DANTE edition) -- What should be paid attention for?

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Wed Dec 10 00:33:23 CET 2008

Alex Hamann schrieb:

> Alternative: install the "Basic" version of MacTeX. Smaller, but with
> tlmgr you just add what you tink is missing.

I think that's a good point for Friedrich's worries about his download
quota (although I have to add that this is not a quite common problem in
 this country, as broadband flats have become quite common nowadays).

> Concerning the bug: just make sure to update tlmgr first and all other
> packages only afterwards. (See this list for details)

BTW, with DANTE's DVD about to arrive with me, too, I've got a different
question before updating from TL2007 to TL2008: When I still worked on
Windows, I did not like the MiKTeX package manager because when running
into trouble after updating a package, there was no way to return to the
previous version of the package as the package manager did not make a
backup before updating... there are no previous versions of packages
available on CTAN, either... I had to return to elder package versions
from time to time due to compatibility issues with my private
packages... Now, how does tlmgr behave in this respect? The same as the
MiKTeX package manager? Or can I easily return to a different version of
a package using tlmgr?

Perhaps I should add that I prefer to install a complete TeX
distribution once a year. Then, I update only those packages in my local
texmf tree by hand that I actually use in my LaTeX documents. I just
don't like the idea of an automatic package manager very much... <shrug>


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