[OS X TeX] Adobe Post Script Font Mapping

Lothar Richter richter at in.tum.de
Sun Dec 7 12:15:49 CET 2008


I am not sure, whether this is a real MaxTeX specific question, so I  
apologize if it is not.

I am using Tex Live for Mac version 2008.
I installed Adobe Garamond according to the various instructions  
available on the internet:
-renaming of outline files to padr8a.pfb etc...
-generation of pl and vpl files from afm files
-transformation to tfm and vf files
-installation in ~Library/texmf ...
-updating the maps

  The problem is following:
I am using format plain.tex  and latin1 file encoding and all macros  
(including \"a ...) are working. I switch to Garamond
(e.g. \font\Garamond=padr8r at 16pt) and the macros do not work  
anymore, german umlaut (ä,ü,ö) can be typed directly
  and are displayed correctly. It has to do with the character  
arrangement in Adobe fonts which differ from TeX alignment.
Since I am not a font wiz I am wondering what to do.
Went something wrong with the font transformation or do I have to do a  
remapping manually?

Best regards,

Lothar Richter

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