[OS X TeX] mathabx astronomical symbols

Benoit RIVET benoit.rivet at free.fr
Mon Dec 1 14:38:47 CET 2008

Le 30 nov. 08 à 23:17, Shawn Allgeier a écrit :

> Has anyone used the mathabx package?  I am interested in the  
> astronomical symbols.  The package wasysym seems to work, but  
> mathabx produces some sort of font error and typesetting stops.  I  
> am running TeXshop on both 10.5 and 10.4 machines.

As explained elsewhere, mathabx is a metafont version : this requires  
on the fly generation of pk fonts, which may fail for some reason and  
explains why you can't compile. You may install a type 1 version of  
the mathabx fonts : Anthony Pham (who created the fonts) does explain  
on http://www-math.univ-poitiers.fr/~phan/metafont.html#mathabx that  
you can find mathabx fonts converted to type1 on Kohsaku Hotta's page  
http://auemath.aichi-edu.ac.jp/~khotta/ghost/mathabx.html. It's a  
little bit hard to find the exact download link, which happens to be  
http://auemath.aichi-edu.ac.jp/~khotta/ghost/abx/abxtype1.zip. These  
converted fonts are not officially endorsed by Anthony Pham, hoewever  
I use them for my own needs without problems.

Don't forget to run texhash and updmap after installing the pfb files :

sudo texhash
sudo updmap-sys --enable Map mathabx.map

Benoît RIVET

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