[OS X TeX] Flashmode BBEdit

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Sat Aug 9 23:53:18 CEST 2008

The BBEdit version of Flashmode works with TexShop as previewer. It  
requires an intelMac and OS 10.5.x or better.

To install Flashmode, please follow exactly the instructions for the  
original Flashmode version for TeXShop, especially arrange the pdf and  
text files in TeXShop to your liking. The position of the tex file in  
BBEdit should correspond to the position of the file in TeXShop.

Using TeXShop as previewer requires that the tex file is also open in  
TeXShop. This will be automatically arranged by Flashmode. The copy of  
the tex file in TeXShop will also automatically be refreshed such that  
its content is always identical to that of the original file.

Syncing between the preview window and the source file should be done  
in TeXShop including any editing that results from it. The tex window  
in BBEdit will automatically reflect these changes.

The additional Applescripts provided by Flashmode still target TeXShop  
as editor, but they can be applied  to any tex file open and frontmost  
in BBEdit provided the file is also open in TeXShop.

Please, note that only the ten standard Flashmode applets are tailored  
for BBEdit. The alternate versions still target TeXShop.

Flashmode and its applets are universal Intel applications, i.e., on a  
64-bit capable intelMac they will start up in 64-bit mode, otherwise  
in 32-bit mode. The latter mode can also be manually chosen via the  
get-info panel.

The three alternate applets are pure 64-bit applications, they won't  
start on a 32-bit computer.



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