[OS X TeX] Installing Lucida fonts under home folder

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Aug 5 20:54:03 CEST 2008

Am 05.08.2008 um 18:16 schrieb Chris Goedde:

> (1) What should my current working directory be when I run updmap?  
> Does it matter?

Does not matter.

> (2) Where should I put the output files? Do I need to use the -- 
> outputdir directory option? If so, what argument? Do I just run:
> updmap --enable Map lucida.map
> or do I need to use some other options?

Don't use --outputdir! The script knows where to put the MAP and LOG  

> (3) Anything else I need to do?

I presume that your personal setup is different from your system's  
one. A simple test would be:

	sudo updmap-sys --listmaps | egrep -v '^#' | wc -l
	updmap --listmaps | egrep -v '^#' | wc -l

Both commands show the number of MAP file fragments used. Both  
numbers should be equal. If not, it might be first necessary to  
prepare your private setup:

	mkdir -p ~/.texlive2007/texmf-config/web2c
	cp /usr/local/texlive/2007/texmf-config/web2c/updmap.cfg  

Then you'll have privately enabled the same (set of) MAP files  
fragments as your system, i.e., you'll be working with an exact copy.  
Afterwards you can add your own private edition.



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