[OS X TeX] \includegraphics question

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Nov 29 21:14:09 CET 2007

Le 29 nov. 07 à 19:47, brian at pongonova.net a écrit :

> I'm not making an assumption...I'm simply reporting my empirical
> observations. And no, I'd rather not try to prove *anyone* wrong.  I
> was simply requesting some assistance in resolving the issue.  Several
> suggestions have been make, and I'm working my way through each one
> rather systematically.

The problem is, there's no way LaTeX can need *both* EPS and PDF  
versions of any given figure. It's either one, or the other. There  
must be something wrong in your setup, or in the way you've operated  
it, or in the way people have interpreted the indications you gave here.

For example, in your last message you say you're using latex-suite  
under vim. This is an essential element in your problem, I think.  
Personally I've never used vi(m), and I've no idea what latex-suite  
means. But most people following this thread have probably assumed  
you're operating LaTeX through its front-end TeXShop, like most OS X  
TeX users do.

So the fact you're using vim instead is essential. This means you're  
operating LaTeX through command-line instructions, and knowing exactly  
the instructions you've used, either explicitly or through latex- 
suite, is essential.

So yes, unless you tell more about your configuration and how you've  
used it, it's practically impossible to help you.

Bruno Voisin

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