[OS X TeX] Using gtamacfonts on Leopard

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Nov 22 22:48:08 CET 2007

Le 22 nov. 07 à 21:01, Gerben Wierda a écrit :

> On Nov 22, 2007, at 11:49 , Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> The name "adieresis" is actually the "more standard" name for this  
>> glyph (e.g., see the Adobe Glyph List), so this looks like a  
>> deliberate correction rather than a Leopard bug; I wouldn't expect  
>> Apple to revert to the "a_dieresis" name in future.
> Does someone know how to get a version from an Apple font with a  
> command line tool?

Hi Gerben,

I'm not quite sure what you mean here. I took it that you're willing  
to generate a list of glyph names and IDs for any given font file.

Motivated by Peter Dyballa's advice in this thread:

> Le 22 nov. 07 à 10:19, Peter Dyballa a écrit :
>> If you have Apple's Font Tools installed, this might (because I am  
>> still with Tiger) dump the glyph names from the CMAP table:
>> 	ftxdumperfuser -G -t cmap -A d -p -u HoeflerText.ttf
>> where HoeflerText.ttf is a sym-link in the current writable working  
>> directory (otherwise ftxdumperfuser would create "Hoefler  
>> Text.cmap.xml" in the directory where the font file is).

I installed Apple's Font Tool Suite from <http://developer.apple.com/textfonts/download/ 
 >. It seems compatible with Leopard, with only a minor annoyance:  
components are installed in /usr/bin and /Library/Frameworks, whereas  
other Xcode 3.0 components in Leopard are installed in the movable / 
Developer directory, yielding /Developer/usr/bin and /Developer/ 
Library/Frameworks instead.

Anyway: after doing the obvious

$ mkdir Desktop/WorkingDirectory
$ cp /Library/Fonts/"Hoefler Text.dfont" Desktop/WorkingDirectory/
$ cd Desktop/WorkingDirectory

I tried two commands. First

$ ftxanalyzer -p "Hoefler Text.post.xml" -f "Hoefler Text" "Hoefler  

which isolates the font Hoefler Text in the suitcase Hoefler  
Text.dfont and creates a XML file Hoefler Text.post.xml containing  
entries of the form:

<postTable versionMajor="2"
		<PostScriptName glyphRefID="0" NameString=".notdef" />
		<PostScriptName glyphRefID="108" NameString="adieresis" />
		<PostScriptName glyphRefID="565" NameString="yacute" />

Drawback: you must specify the name of a font to be taken from  
the .dfont suitcase.


$ ftxdumperfuser -t cmap -A d -p "Hoefler Text.dfont"

which creates one XML file per font in the suitcase, for example  
Hoefler Text.cmap.xml containing entries of the form

<cmapTable versionMajor="1" versionMinor="0">
	<cmapSubtable encodingID="0"
		platformID = "0" platformName="Unicode" scriptID="3" languageID="-1"  
languageName="No language" >
		<map charValue="0x0000" glyphRefID="1" glyphName=".null"/>
		<map charValue="0x00E4" glyphRefID="108" glyphName="adieresis"/>
		<map charValue="0xFE60" glyphRefID="454" glyphName="uniFE60"/>
	<cmapSubtable encodingID="1"
		platformID = "1" platformName="Macintosh" scriptID="0"  
scriptName="Roman"  languageID="-1" languageName="No language" >
		<map charValue="0x0000" glyphRefID="1" glyphName=".null"/>
		<map charValue="0x008A" glyphRefID="108" glyphName="adieresis"/>
		<map charValue="0x00FF" glyphRefID="224" glyphName="caron"/>

Not sure whether this can be of any use!


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