[OS X TeX] Using gtamacfonts on Leopard

Matthias Damm macplanet at macnews.de
Wed Nov 21 19:03:09 CET 2007

Hello everybody,

after I upgraded to Leopard, I experienced problems with the Hoefler  
font installed by i-Installer via Gerben's gtamacfonts feature.
I think I have found the reason for the problem, and I wanted to share  
it here -- I am somewhat puzzled that nobody else seems to have had  
the problem, at least I did not find any reference to it!

My problem was that after using \usepackage{gtamachoefler}, some  
glyphs were not printed, namely German Umlauts (äöü) and the "ß".  
There were warnings like 	

	pdfTeX warning: pdflatex (file /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.gwtex/fonts/ 
	gtamacfonts/hoefler/HoeflerText.ttf): glyph `a_dieresis' not found

for all these characters.

I had installed Leopard via the "Archive and Install" option and re- 
installed a fresh TexLive via i-Installer afterwards.

I found an old posting from this list that mentioned that there are  
different versions of the Hoefler font with different glyph names,  
that pointed me to the solution:

The version of Hoefler.dfont on my Leopard system was 6.0d7e1 (visible  
in the Finder info). The version on my iBook still running Tiger is  
5.0d7e2. So, Leopard seems to carry an updated version of the Hoefler  
font that seems to be incompatible with Gerben's gtamacfonts.
After I replaced the Hoefler.dfont by the older version and re- 
configured TexLive via i-Installer, everything is fine again.
The other gtamacfonts seem not to have the problem, but I am not sure  
if I tested that thoroughly enough.

Here's a minimal example that showed the problem and runs fine now:







Does anybody else see the problem?
Is there really a problem with the i-Installer package or do I have a  
specific problem on my system? (I re-installed some fonts from my  
former system folder, but I do not think that I changed any of the  
default fonts.)

Does Gerben still read this list or should I send him a bug report?

Best regards,

Matthias Damm - mad at macpla.net
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