[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.3.11

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Fri Nov 9 05:51:24 CET 2007

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.3.11 is now available for download at http:// 
bibdesk.sourceforge.net/.  This release is chock full of exciting new  
features and bug fixes, and guaranteed to excite the most staid  
researcher!  Or perhaps not.

We do encourage users to upgrade, as this release fixes a number of  
annoying bugs, and really does have some great new features for  
importing (web group) and exporting (graphical template editor) your  

Thanks to our users who tested the nightly builds and helped fix  
numerous bugs.  Your reports and patience are appreciated!  Please  
continue to file bug reports using the link on BibDesk's Help menu.   
Detailed release notes follow, since no one would read this far if  
they were first.

Changes since 1.3.10

--- IMPORTANT ----

The input manager used for autocompletion in Cocoa applications is not  
supported on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).  This means you shouldn't file  
bug reports on it.

New Features
   * Copy Using Template submenu on action and context menus
   * Can now export a .tgz archive containing BibTeX and linked files
   * Hidden prefs for changing ISI URLs for proxy testing; currently  
doesn't seem to work because of WebKit problems
   * Web of Science search now includes timescited (RFE #1788133)
   * Web group now supports citeulike.org, acm.org/dl, and Google  
Scholar via HTML-scraping
   * Web group is now enabled by default
   * Condition template tags now support smaller comparison, and  
property comparison
   * Many more accessors and template keys added
   * New GUI for creating custom export templates (File -> New Template)
   * Duplicate selection now shows a sheet which asks how to select  
   * Quick Look plugin for Leopard users
   * Leopard download location is respected in the editor window's  
recent download menu
   * Added support for searching NASA ADS database via z39.50

Bugs Fixed
   * Non-ASCII characters can be used for type-select, stop type- 
select when key window closes
   * Don't change menu item titles for varying numbers of selected pubs
   * Add some checks for a valid pasteboard, since the system's  
pasteboard server seems to die periodically, which causes exceptions  
in our code
   * PDF document view does a relayout when auto sizing (in the main  
   * Fix bug #1791951, where the AppleScript search command failed due  
to an exception in BibDesk with a badly formed author name
   * Fix a table column resizing problem; don't use stale xattr defaults
   * Radio buttons are now used to choose the papers folder
   * Remove macros selected in the macro window when deleting
   * Searching triggered by Spotlight is now performed after the main  
window is set up
   * File Content search "Stop" button is now correctly disabled after  
indexing is finished
   * Scale popup for zoom views now sized to largest item, some  
drawing improvements
   * Can now target a specific row in the main table when dropping a  
file, rather than sniffing the pasteboard during the drag (partial  
workaround for bug #1799630)
   * Improve performance when sniffing text formats by only operating  
on the first 100 characters
   * Splitview frames are only autosaved when the window's autosave  
name is set
   * Fix bug #1803091; avoid collapsing whitespace in the parser,  
since it fouls up concatenation
   * Some memory usage optimizations (work around Apple leaks in  
InternetConfig and ImageIO)
   * Items using crossref are now displayed correctly in the TeX  
   * Hidden pref to disable PubMed lookup for purely numeric filenames  
   * Fixed outlet for alternate drag/copy template popup in French  
   * Don't clear the change count after exporting
   * TeX commands are now recursively deleted for attributed preview  
and cleaning
   * \ldots is now a two-way conversion
   * Added a sanity check for the crossfade animation
   * Cite key and pub type are now searchable with database find &  
   * Manually check time limit on TeX task runloop, which will  
hopefully magically fix problems that we can't reproduce
   * Ensure that an empty error dialog will never be presented for  
PubMed failures (bug #1814266)
   * HTML to TeX conversion no longer converts a double quote to  
typewriter font
   * No longer display warnings when sniffing the format for text  
import fails
   * Text import bookmarks menu allows duplicates
   * Gradients now display correctly on Leopard, since Apple messed up  
a bug fix
   * Zoom button for PDF views now works on Leopard using a different  
evil hack
   * Input manager pref pane is invisible on Leopard
   * Warn if the input manager is installed in ~/Library on Leopard
   * Fix bug #1825254, BibTeX document used for editor proxy icons  
instead of Local-Url on Leopard
   * Fix bug #1825703, crash when closing some sheets on Leopard due  
to an Apple bug
   * Don't check for <?xml on COPAC output, since their output has  
apparently changed again

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