[OS X TeX] fonts in leopard

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Mon Nov 5 05:44:19 CET 2007

> I very much appreciate the suggestions, all of which I tried, but  
> alas, no luck with the cache cleaning so far.
> However, I should note that I observe the same behavior upon logout/ 
> login even it don't try to clean out the font caches, namely:
> (1) Acrobat displays pdflatex-generated PDF files correctly all the  
> time.
> (2) TeXniscope never displays such files correctly; fonts are some  
> narrow sans serif, with very limited mathematical symbol capabilities.
> (3) Preview.app displays the files correctly *until* I open them  
> with TeXniscope, and then it takes two or three openinga, the fonts  
> are hosed.
> One other observations: I have a number of PDF-based equations  
> generated with the LaTeX equation editor (a very nice program that  
> you all probably know about already, but just in case not: http://evolve.lse.ac.uk/software/EquationEditor/) 
>  that I use in Keynote presentations.  These are also screwed up  
> (both when displayed in Keynote and in the equation editor program).
> The behavior I'm seeing makes me think that Preview is grabbing its  
> fonts from a system area until TeXniscope or the equation editor  
> write their own into a user-owned cache.   I conclude that the  
> problem relates to TeXniscope or equation editor (or perhaps with  
> teTeX itself), but I'm not sure how to proceed in tracking the  
> problem further yet.
> Any ideas your all might have are most welcome!

This is sort of a "Patient: Doc, it hurts when I do this. Doctor:  
Don't do that!" solution, but it sounds like TeXniscope is involved in  
all your problems.  Have you tried using Skim instead (http://sourceforge.net/projects/skim-app)? 
   I can't think of anything TeXniscope can do that Skim can't,* and  
Skim does way more besides.  It's also a universal binary, in case you  
are on an Intel Mac.


* Actually, TeXniscope comes with a nifty little utility that let's  
you do source -> preview syncing with emacs, which is pretty cool.  I  
haven't looked to see if it could be adapted for Skim.

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