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Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Tue Mar 27 09:21:55 CEST 2007


On Mon, 26 Mar 2007, Chetan Nayak wrote:
> Thanks. That fixed the problem.
> Obviously, I'm still living in the 20th (if not the 19th) century,
> but it's time for me to enter the modern world. MacTeX sounds like
> a good place to start. However, I'm still using TeXShop. Is there a 
> newer/better
> front end with which I should replace this?

Yes. In brief (I'm rushing for my class), you have several options:

1. Download MacTeX-2007 package from:


You'll get texlive-07, texshop, etc. (everything that you may need) from 
the package.

You will get also i-Installer from it.

2. In addition you can install the newest (of 21st century) gwTeX via

a) the i-Installer, or
b) following the link from the MacTeX distr to the page:


3. You can istall the front-ends, incl TeXShop, + gwTeX (without 
TeXLive-07). gwTeX has an excellent selection of what you need to 
have working TeX on a Mac.

A major difference between TeXLive-07 (for Mac) and gwTeX is that 
TeXLive-07 comes with all styles etc. that are on ctan, and thus, has a 
large, huge, size. Thus, your choice may depends on the memory that you 
have on your machine.

I myself have both texlive-07 and gwTeX (and sometimes I'm simply 
forgetting which one I am using :) You'll get also an additional program 
for very easy switch, with a click of the mouse from the System 
Preferences, between TeXLive-07 and gwTeX.


> On Mar 26, 2007, at 12:57 PM, Alan Munn wrote:
>> At 12:34 PM -0700 3/26/07, Chetan Nayak wrote:
>>> I have the following strange problem, but have not been able to find any 
>>> possible
>>> causes/solutions on the web. I recently re-installed teTeX after my
>>> hard drive crashed and had to be replaced. Prior to this, I have been 
>>> using these
>>> programs for almost 5 years with no problems. (Back when I first installed 
>>> these
>>> programs, the TeX engines were put in 
>>> /usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current.
>>> Now, Fink Commander put them in /sw/bin and /sw/share, but it's hard to 
>>> see how
>>> this is the source of the problem once TeXShop knows where to find them.)
>> One word of warning.  teTeX is no longer being supported, and Fink's teTeX 
>> is pretty old.  You might want to think about intalling the MacTeX TeX Live 
>> distribution http://www.tug.org/mactex/
>>> Now, however, I have the following problem with altpdflatex: the top 
>>> margin
>>> is too small (maybe even negative), so the text starts up at the top of 
>>> the page,
>>> and the page numbers don't appear. The problem doesn't occur when I use 
>>> pdflatex,
>>> only when I use altpdflatex, and it doesn't seem depend on which distiller
>>> I use -- the same problem occurs for both ghostscript and the built-in 
>>> distiller in OS X.
>>> Any suggestions?
>> It sounds like the page size is set for A4 for dvips.  Try the following:
>> sudo texconfig dvips paper letter
>> Alan

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