[OS X TeX] IM display / MacTex-2007

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Mar 13 18:41:38 CET 2007

Le 13 mars 07 à 18:09, Frank STENGEL a écrit :

> Le 13 mars 07 à 13:44, Bernd Web a écrit :
>> It does not work in my case. Do you use IM from MacTeX-2007 and do  
>> you
>> have extra environments set in e.g. .cshrc? E.g. xeyes is shown when
>> started from Terminal, but display does not.
> Weird, I have a rather standard setup. The only difference is that  
> I installed imagemagick using i-installer...

It seems that the ImageMagick i-Package checks at install time  
whether X11 is installed; if so, an X11-enabled build of ImageMagick  
is installed, and if not a build without X11 support is installed.

At least that's how I interpret the following lines of  
ImageMagick.selector (inside ImageMagick.ii2):

# Part 2 contains ImageMagick without X, part 1 contains ImageMagick  
with X
if [ -e /usr/X11R6/bin/X ]
	# Do install version with X11
	echo "### ${PROGNAME}: X11 found. Will unarchive X11 version..." >&2
	"${II2RESOURCES}/doalerter" -s "${II2DOSERVER}" -V -t  
SetSelectorSets -P "ImageMagick-X11";
	# Do install version without X11
	echo "### ${PROGNAME}: X11 not found. Will unarchive non-X11  
version..." >&2
	"${II2RESOURCES}/doalerter" -s "${II2DOSERVER}" -V -t  
SetSelectorSets -P "ImageMagick";

Specifically, at install time i-Installer checks whether X11 is  
installed on the system: if it is, then an X11-enabled version of  
ImageMagick (i.e. the archive ImageMagick.1.tar.bz2) is downloaded  
and installed; if it's not, then a version of ImageMagick without X11  
support (i.e. the archive ImageMagick.2.tar.bz2) is downloaded and  

Maybe MacTeX installs the second version in all cases, yielding the  
behaviour you observe.

The situation is not the same with GhostScript, because the mechanism  
is different: two versions of GS are installed in all cases, one gs- 
X11 with X11 support and the other gs-noX11 without it, and gs is  
made a symlink to the proper version at install time (after checking  
the availability of X11 on the local system). The same mechanism is  
used by MacTeX, yielding a gs "adapted" to the machine on which it is  

With ImageMagick the mechanism is different, and seems less  
compatible with the way the MacTeX installer works.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

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