\rowcolor xcolor in bemear: Re: [OS X TeX] Texlive-mac os

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Wed Mar 7 13:21:34 CET 2007

Please, accept my apologies for sending out by mistake the preceding
email. In a rush (for other duties), I picked up the wrong email to say 
what I say here, and then instead of Cancel I hit Sent.

Thanks, Bruno: your suggestion for using
solved the problem with \rowcolors.

However, one needs to do also the fix suggested by Till Tantau for the 
other problems (they also involve colors). BTW, the fix that I posted on 
this list seems a slight variant specific for TeX on Macs.

I added the specification in the Subject: questions about beamer pop-up 
now and then on this list and search with key words in the subject is 


On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Roussanka Loukanova wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>> Le 7 mars 07 à 07:00, Javier Elizondo a écrit :
>>> I was able to delete teTex, and install texlive (mac
>>> tex 2007). But when I run beamerexample1.tex it goes
>>> to problems in the last page. This is what it comes
>>> out
> ...
>> This is because teTeX and TeXLive include different versions of the xcolor 
>> package, called implicitly by beamer and defining (not in all cases) the 
>> command \rowcolors:
>> - teTeX includes version 2.00 of 4 July 2004, and \rowcolors is always 
>> defined.
>> - TeXLive-2007 includes version 2.11 of 21 January 2007, and \rowcolors is 
>> defined only when the option [table] is specified, apparently.
>> Hence, in order for beamerexample1.tex to typeset with TeXLive-2007, you 
>> need to modify it to call the beamer package with option [table], so that 
>> this option is passed on to xcolor.
>> I don't know whether there is a dedicated beamer mailing list (or a bug 
>> report system somewhere), given I'm no beamer user myself, but if there is 
>> then it could be appropriate to report the problem there.
> Till Tantau also mentioned xcolor, but he suggested that temporarily fix (may 
> be having (the) other things in mind too).
>> Generally, if you're in a rush and don't have time to devote to such 
>> compatibility problem (and have loads of disk space), you can install teTeX 
>> using i-Installer (ignoring the warning about it being deprecated). The TeX 
>> Distribution system pref panel which is installed by MacTeX allows very 
>> easy switching between several installed distributions. Using teTeX is not 
>> a viable strategy in the long term, but it may help when you're in a work 
>> crisis and have more pressing issues to deal with than TeX ones.
> I tried installing tetex for that purpose at some point, but it didn't work 
> for some reason, at least it didn't on the MacBooc Pro Intel.
>> Hope this helps,
> Bruno, you explain things so clearly and informatively: I began understanding 
> how the TeX distribution works only after you (incl with fonts, which have 
> always been a mystery to me, that I'm still trying to avoid...).
> Roussanka

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