[OS X TeX] LastPage Reference

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at stp.lingfil.uu.se
Wed Mar 7 02:50:55 CET 2007

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Herbert Schulz wrote:
> On Mar 6, 2007, at 3:31 PM, Maurino Bautista wrote:
>> I copied the following code from Roussanka's posting which works
>> properly. I added the lines marked with %%%  and I commented the right
>> footer command. I now get the following error:
>> AED: lastpage setting LastPage
>> ! Missing number, treated as zero.
>> <to be read again>
>>                  \protect
>> l.46 \end{document}
>> Anybody knows what is wrong? All I know is that the package hyperref
>> uses (or modifies-redefines-omits?? ) the LastPage reference.

> Howdy,
> Not sure, but do you need to explicitly have
> \usepackage{lastpage}
> to use LastPage? Maybe one of the other packages loads it?

It seems that lastpage.sty doesn't get loaded after commenting it, i.e.,
% \usepackage{lastpage}
I do not find
in the log file.

However, the setting LastPage wold be available for an additional pass of 
latex, then in a 2nd round, the number of LastPage is not available. (This 
is my interpretation of what I see in the log file: I do not know if I'm 

> Also \ifthenelse has three arguments:
> \ifthenelse{test}{true commands}{else commands}
> so
> \lfoot{\ifthenelse{\value{page}=\pageref{LastPage}}{\tiny\today}}

> should have an extra {} pair for the else (assuming it should be blank if 
> it's not the last page).

For strictness, you are right. But since  Maurino's tex code typeset 
properly, your comments made me look through the ifthen.pdf documentation: 
Without being absolutely sure, ifthenelse.sty is extending (they say 
compatible with) ifthen.sty and adds lasy evaluation of the logical 
operators:  in cases when P is true, "if P then Q else R" wouldn't look 
for the else proposition, i.e. it the same as "if P then Q".

> Finally, in the command
> \cfoot{\ifthenelse{\not\value{page}=\pageref{LastPage}}{\scriptsize (over)}}
> the \not is only acting on \value{page} and I believe you mean it to be

Again, because Maurino's tex code typeset ok (I've ran it several times), 
it looked to me that \not (number1 = number 2) has also abbreviated form
\not number1 = number 2. The documentation is more clear to me in this 
aspect (than for the lasy evaluation). But they treat "number1 = number 2" 
as a syntactic unit: atomic proposition, which hints to parsing of
\not number1 = number 2 as equivalent to \not (number1 = number 2).

> \not{\value{page}=\pageref{LastPage}} as well as missing the extra {}; i.e., 
> it should be
> \cfoot{\ifthenelse{\not{\value{page}=\pageref{LastPage}}}{\scriptsize 
> (over)}{}}
> which is the same as the simpler
> \cfoot{\ifthenelse{\value{page}=\pageref{LastPage}}{}{\scriptsize (over)}}.

I think, it is; and I think that one would be on the safe side by 
following the strict (and clear) syntax as you suggested. Esp. with the 
drawbacks of the lazy evaluation (or may I just do not like it).


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