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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at
Sat Mar 3 22:23:45 CET 2007

Le 3 mars 07 à 20:57, Roussanka Loukanova a écrit :

> 3. Similarly, a test file with hyperlinks goes trough Typeset, but  
> none of the hyperlinks in the pdf file works. And the console in  
> TeXShop lists warnings.
> [...]
> \usepackage[unicode,bookmarks,colorlinks]{hyperref}

You need to call hyperref with the [dvipdfm] option.

In my experience using dvipdfm produces smaller PDF files, due (among  
other optimizations I think) to better compression of the fonts.  
Alas, for the very same reason, the PDF files take also longer to  
print: when I print the output of pdfTeX or tex + dvips + ps2pdf on  
LaserJets 4050 or P3500N at work, it's practically a continuous flow  
of paper from the printer, i.e. printing is practically  
instantaneous; when I print the output of dvipfm, each page takes  
between 30 s and 1 mn to print, which generally makes my workmates  

Other than that, I think it's always advisable to minimize the number  
of intermediate steps between two formats (like .tex and .pdf): with  
pdfTeX, the conversion is immediate; with tex + dvipdfm, there's one  
intermediate step (but compatibility with XeTeX, for example, and I  
think additional functions for CJK languages); with tex + dvips +  
ps2pdf, there are 2 intermediate steps. Accordingly, I see no reason  
to stick with dvips unless you have to: specifically, in case you  
include raw PS code in the TeX output, for example if you are using  

Bruno Voisin
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