[OS X TeX] multiline bracket in a table, text in math mode?

Cyril cyril.niklaus at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 16:14:25 CEST 2006

Thanks for the many answers! I still have not reached the exact  
result, so I'm still trying.

On 4 oct. 06, at 18:44, Axel E. Retif wrote:
> \[ \text{il}  \left. \begin{array} {ccc}		
> 	\text{est content} \\ \text{sera content} \\ \text{serait content}
> 	\end{array} \right\} \text{que vous soyez là} \]

Indeed, this solves the spacing problem in math environement. I found  
out (by luck) a bit before getting your mail that \textrm allowed me  
to get the text the way I wanted. I did not know of simply \text in  
combination with amsmath (since I don't use it).

On 4 oct. 06, at 18:56, Claus Gerhardt wrote:
> Use the amsmath package. Then
> \begin{equation}\notag
> \text{Il} \quad \begin{smallmatrix}
> A&\\[6pt]
> B&\\[6pt]
> C&
> \end{smallmatrix}\Biggr\}\quad
> C
> \end{equation}

which was simpler, could be inserted into a tabular, but the size of  
the font of the smallmatrix is too small. Changing it to matrix  
solves that, but then the \Biggr\} is too small to accommodate the  
bigger vertical interlinear space. I've corrected that by changing  
the [6pt] to [-10pt].
As indicated in your second email, one can use Bmatrix to go around  
that problem, but then I don't know how to get rid of the left brace.
The main problem remaining with this solution is that tabularx does  
not seem to understand the size of the cell, and the text collides  
with the text of the cell to the right of it. It also does not draw  
the  vertical lines completely and the text is not at the same height.

On 4 oct. 06, at 21:00, Herbert Schulz wrote:
> Use the amsmath package and then
> \[ \text{il}  \left. \text{\begin{tabular} {ccc}		
> 		est content \\ sera content \\ serait content
> 	\end{tabular}} \right\} \text{que vous soyez là} \]
Works nicely on its own, but I was not able to insert it into another  
tabular. Is it possible to nest a table inside another one? I was not  
able to find info on that in my LaTeX books.

I also tried to go a different route, with tables. It works more or  
less, but I have the same problem as with the previous solution: the  
text of the left-most cell is higher than the following two, which  
start at the level of the last line of the left-most cell.

\emph{Simultanéité} du verbe \\subordonné par rapport\\ au verbe  
\[ \text{il}  \left. \text{\begin{tabular} {ccc}		
		est content \\ sera content \\ serait content
	\end{tabular}} \right\} \text{que vous soyez là} \]
\[ \text{il}  \left. \text{\begin{tabular} {cc}		
		était content \\ a été content
	\end{tabular}} \right\} \text{que vous soyez là} \]

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