[OS X TeX] SVG to LaTeX?

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 02:26:53 CEST 2006

Ross Moore wrote:

>> After that the svg files are available for normal editing. Putting  
>> the svg files back into the tex source after editing is tedious, I  
>> agree.
but even I can use a graphics app for "graphic editing" whereas:

> By putting the editable .svg file into a {filecontents}
> then you can edit it in-place, within the LaTeX source.
> To use the changes, you will need to remove any copies
> that were extracted on a previous LaTeX run.

I have no idea how to do "svg code editing".

>> OTOH, normally graphics files are just send along in an archive,  but 
>> here you could use svg instead of pdf, and have a correct  
>> translation done just before inclusion (a Makefile, or explicitly  in 
>> the latex sources). This is much the same compared to the way  
>> metapost figures are included inpdftex.
My problem is that, already at this point, I have a couple of hundred 
graphics which means one svg for "graphic editing" and one pdf for 
"inclusion in the latex source".

> Sure; but it's surprising how many people are terrified to attempt to 
> use 'make', or any other command-line tool.
> There have been messages to this list where people don't even know how 
> to launch  Terminal.app , or just don't want to. I'd expect everyone 
> on this list has friends and colleagues that are like this.

I am not sure if I am a friend of myself but I am certainly a terminal 
Terminal-moron so I can relate. In fact, I found stuff that would appear 
to be svg2pdf but I have no idea how to let TeXShop use it. I have some 
friends who might help me, though.

As I understand it, the advantage of the Moore solution, whether the 
uncompressed version or the compressed one, is that the svg code being 
included in the latex source, a person wishing to edit a graphic would 
have the choice between:
- "svg code editing" in-place or in an editor (after decompressing if 
- "graphic editing' by having some graphics app realize the vector 
graphics from the code, do the "graphic editing" with the graphics app 
and getting subethedit turn it back into code for substitution in the 
latex file.

Very grateful regards

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