[OS X TeX] aid with urlbst on a custom-bib file

Simon Lisney simon at lisney.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 11:53:34 CEST 2006

Hi Norman,

I have tried again to run urlbst on my custom-bib .bst file following  
the example you linked to but it
is still not working for me.  Probably something simple.  Here are  
the details;

I looked at the example you have included:

> For example:
> % urlbst --eprint bibstyle.bst
> would convert the style file bibstyle.bst, including support for e- 
> prints, and
> sending the result to the standard output

I put my .bst file in the same folder as urlbst and dropped the file  
onto Terminal in order to get the path.

I omitted the --eprint option for this.  Here is the Terminal  
responses to various attempts;

> Last login: Thu Aug 31 11:28:36 on ttyp1
> Welcome to Darwin!
> Mac-G4:~ simon$ % urlbst /Users/simon/Documents/tex/urlbst/graf- 
> bib.bst graf-biburl.bst
> -bash: fg: %: no such job
> Mac-G4:~ simon$ urlbst /Users/simon/Documents/tex/urlbst/graf- 
> bib.bst graf-biburl.bst
> -bash: urlbst: command not found
> Mac-G4:~ simon$ urlbst /Users/simon/Documents/tex/urlbst/graf-bib.bst
> -bash: urlbst: command not found
> Mac-G4:~ simon$ % urlbst /Users/simon/Documents/tex/urlbst/graf- 
> bib.bst
> -bash: fg: %: no such job
> Mac-G4:~ simon$

I also tried with the example from the web page which is slightly  
different from the .pdf (it adds the output file with url added) as  
you  can see from the above;
> To add URL support to the standard siam.bst file, you can give the  
> command
> % urlbst /path/to/original/siam.bst siamurl.bst

I tried with and without the %.

I was not sure if the custom-bib .bst file having url entry type  
would mean it does not run properly as it says in the web page;
> if either the input-file or the output-file is omitted, they  
> default to stdin and stdout respectively. If the input file already  
> has a URL entry type, then the script objects.
If you want any other details let me know.

Thanks again for your help.


ps my system setup is Powermac G4 MDD, 10.4.7.

On 27 Aug 2006, at 16:47, Norman Gray wrote:

> Simon, hello.
> On 2006 Aug 24 , at 20.46, Simon Lisney wrote:
>> I am not sure if urlbst will work on a custom-bib created .bst but  
>> wanted to give it a go.
> Urlbst won't work on _everything_ (the parsing is already very  
> messy), but I'd hope it would work on custom-bib output.  If not,  
> do let me know.
>> then entered;
>> urlbst [mystyle.bst [mynewstyle.bst]]
>> but it did not run.
> I take it that you entered that text literally, yes?  (as Mark  
> Oilcan remarked, it's useful to cut-and-paste exactly what the  
> response was).
> The square brackets are a conventional way of showing optional  
> (Unix) arguments, so 'urlbst [input-file [output-file]]' indicates  
> that usages
> urlbst
> urlbst input-file
> urlbst input-file output-file
> will all be accepted by the script.  Where a file is missing, the  
> input or output will be from/to the standard input and standard  
> output respectively (ie, the keyboard and the screen by default).
> Though the urlbst webpage has an example command line, I realise  
> now that the manual doesn't.  So I've added one, and you can find  
> that at <http://nxg.me.uk/dist/urlbst/urlbst.pdf>.  If you spot any  
> other infelicities in the manual, now would be a good time to point  
> them out.
> All the best,
> Norman

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