[OS X TeX] Beginner help with TeXshop/MacTex needed

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sat Aug 26 17:14:18 CEST 2006

On Aug 26, 2006, at 5:36 AM, Rowland McDonnell wrote:

> ...
>> The
>> last step, before testing, is to run
>> sudo texhash
>> or
>> sudo mktexlsr
>> so the files can be quickly found.
> Okay - thanks.  Is there a significant difference between the results
> produced by the two different methods?


Actually, texhash (the ``traditional'' name) is a symbolic link to  
mktexlsr so they are identical.

>> To install fonts the map files
>> also have to be integrated into the system:
> Umm...  I'm not sure what you mean by that.  Are you saying that I  
> need
> to put the existing .map file in a place where teTeX expects to  
> find it?
>> see the
>> fontinstallationguide for more documentation on that.
> Well, yes, but it's a hundred page highly technical document which'll
> take a few weeks for me to read and digest (it takes me a lot of  
> work to
> get my head round that sort of stuff - and yes, I have started to read
> the thing), and I can't help feeling that there's an easier way of
> getting the information I need.
>> (NOTE: If you
>> recently installed MacTeX [the TeX distribution in that is Gerben
>> Wierda's gwTeX i-installer version], post 06/2006, using updmap will
>> put files in the proper place --- for a while you had to use updmap-
>> sys for access by all users.)
> Okay - thanks.  How can I find more about updmap (and/or updmap-sys)?
> (I can't find anything useful by searching since Spotlight ignores the
> relevant directories - argharghargh).

The the contents of the map file(s) for a given font have to be added  
into the map files used by dvips, pdflatex, etc. This addition is  
done by updmap.

For each map file that must be added you must run (assuming a  
Postscript Type 1 font)

sudo updmap-sys --enable Map mynewfont.map

for the file mynewfont.map that was put in somewhere in .../ 

If you happen to have fonts in your personal tree (e.g. map files in  
~/Library/texmf/fonts/map/) the command above would include them too;  
ok if you're the only user on the machine, not good if you're trying  
to build something that is to ber used by multiple users since fonts  
in your personal tree are not available to them. Using the -H option  
for sudo,

sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map mynewfont.map

will ignore your personal tree when doing the search for mynewfont.map.

If you have a very recent TeX distribution (in June, 2006) you can  
use updmap instead of updmap-sys. If you get an error trying to use  
updmap-sys you have a fairly old distribution (pre Autumn 2005) use  
updmap instead of updmap-sys.

> ...
> If it helps, I had to email the author to find out why it was that my
> \documentclass command in  my first TeXShop test document ended up  
> with
> red dotted underlining.  Quite bizzare - I had no idea at all what was
> going on.  Stuff like that needs dealing with.
> ...

``Check as you Type'' spell checking is turned on. I find that  
annoying and turn that off by default; it's a check box in Document  
tab of TeXShop->Preferences.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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