[OS X TeX] Last TeX i-Package update and MAP file fragments

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Aug 11 17:49:43 CEST 2006


Yesterday I tried to get the option of having a working personal  
configuration by re-installing TeX. During that i-Installer warned me  

!!! WARNING: While searching for the right map file for `ec-public- 
lm.map', we have
     found the file
     in the right location and we are using this
     file. However, a map file with different content has been found in
     the obsolete location
     Please, see which version you want to use and eventually update the
     content of the used map file. Additionally, consider removing the
     obsolete file.

This looks like nonsense. .../pdftex/context/ec-public-lm.map has  
entries like

	ec-lmb10 LMRoman10-Demi "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc <lmb10.pfb
	ec-lmbo10 LMRoman10-DemiOblique "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc  

which do not seem correct for use in TeX or in LaTeX. .../dvipdfm/ 
context/ec-public-lm.map has the typycal short

	ec-lmb10 lm-ec lmb10
	ec-lmbo10 lm-ec lmbo10

entries. The real bug is that there is another MAP file fragment, .../ 
dvips/context/ec-public-lm.map, with incorrect encoding entries like  

	cork-lmb10    LMRomanDemi10-Regular        <cork-lm.enc <lmb10.pfb
	cork-lmbo10   LMRomanDemi10-Italic         <cork-lm.enc <lmbo10.pfb

You see the cork instead of the ec encoding? And it has twelve  
entries less. In the end pdftex.map contains the ConTeXt entries for  
Latin Modern.

What is this "enclmec" encoding? Since when can it be used? And where  
is documentation?



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