[OS X TeX] Filling the box in a table

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Aug 9 05:02:19 CEST 2006

Hi Alain,

On 09/08/2006, at 10:59 AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:

> In the following:
>    Please indicate your choices with an \textsf{{\Large X}} as  
> follows:
>    \newdimen\digitwidth \settowidth\digitwidth{0}
>        \def~{\hspace{\digitwidth}}
>        \def\divrule#1#2{\noalign{\moveright#1\digitwidth\vbox{\hrule
>        width#2\digitwidth}}}
>        \catcode`\?=\active \def?{}

You don't actually use any of these definitions ...

>        \hspace*{-3mm}%
>        \begin{tabular}{@{} |c| @{}}
>        \midrule
>        %Row0
>        \textsf{{\Large X}}
>        \\
>        \midrule
>        \end{tabular}

  ... and you need some package to define \midrule.
Besides, this seems like a very inelegant way to
draw a box. At the very least you'll need to kill
the column-separation width; e.g., via
*before* starting the table.

> the code does not quite do what I would like which is for the X to  
> "fill" the box (in a grid for entering choices for multiple choice  
> questions) as \Large increases the size of the box.

Here is much more direct TeX coding to do what I think
you want:

   \hbox{\dimen0=\ht0 \dimen2=\dp0\relax
     \vrule height\dimen0 depth\dimen2 width .5pt%
     \vrule height\dimen0 depth\dimen2 width .5pt%

\checkedbox{\Large X}

\checkedbox{\Large Y}

\checkedbox{\Huge Y}

\checkedbox{\Huge W}

> I adapted thiS—which I don't understand—from something given to me  
> on this list once upon a time for something else but tinkering did  
> not result in the desired effect.

Hope this helps.



> Hopeful regards
> --schremmer

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