Some advantages of powerdot (was Re: [OS X TeX] powerdot and pdftex)

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at
Thu Sep 22 15:24:05 CEST 2005

>Luis Sequeira said the following on 21.09.2005 12:30 Uhr:
>>  I can think of several aspects in which powerdot is much better than
>>  prosper...
>The important question for me would be what can it do better than
>beamer[1]. beamer is not depending on pstricks and therefore on dvips
>and combined with the pgf package i can't think of a better presentation
>class for LaTeX.
>    Martin
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I don't know beamer all that well but, when I first looked at it, it 
seemed that it did things better than prosper; but not only it does 
not depend on pstricks, it seemed to be *incompatible* with pstricks. 
This was a deal breaker for me, because I love pstricks and have 
douzains of drawings done with it.
I could be proved wrong, but the fact I was told that I had to forego 
pstricks and learn a different package (pgf). Since I already had so 
much work done in prosper and pstricks, it didn't make sense *to me* 
to invest a lot of time and effort on beamer.

It is always good to have choices. If beamer works best for your 
needs, that's great. I honestly can't compare beamer to powerdot in 
detail, since I had just a  brief acquaintance with beamer; but I get 
the impression that, overall, they're pretty similar (the pstricks 
question notwithstanding).

For me, powerdot allowed me to "upgrade" from prosper with minimal 
effort (as I said in another posting, I converted a lot of files in 
an automated way) and keep working (now, better than before).
All I can say, then, is that I'm very pleased with powerdot.

Luis Sequeira
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