[OS X TeX] OS X TeX newbie needs help installing TeX on non-boot volume

Bernhard Barkow bb at creativeeyes.at
Sun Sep 11 16:09:18 CEST 2005

On 11.09.2005, at 14:59, Rowland McDonnell wrote:
>>>>> My subject line says it all.  I've been using OzTeX for a while
>>>>> (since System 6.0.7 was the latest and greatest) and I've got
>>>>> CMacTeX for pdfTeX these days.  I've looked at what one can
>>>>> apparently do with a modern OS X TeX setup and thought `I want
>>>>> some of that'. So I tried to install a teTeX based TeX and hit a
>>>>> brick wall: I can't work out how to install things in
>>>>> non-standard places.
>> <snip>
>> You are in better hands than I now...
> Mmm.  Not sure of that at all.  I've managed to glean a little
> information - Gerben has (finally!) told me a little bit about using
> i-installer to install in non-standard locations.  He's been reluctant
> to tell me anything at all before now (what it's added up to so far is
> that he thinks I don't want to do it my way, I ought to want to do it
> his way, everything is better if you do it his way, there is no sanity
> in doing it my way so I mustn't do it my way, and I'm stupid because I
> can't use his software which is easy to use because he knows it's easy
> to use...  Frustrating and annoying rather than helpful, but there you
> go: this is the brave new world of exclusion that we live in.)
> No-one else has told me anything of any use at all that I can see.
> Is there a practical way of finding out what the various software
> packages available via i-installer do, and how to install them and
> configure them myself?
> I think I'll have to start out by installing teTeX manually and  
> take it
> from there.  I don't think i-installer is safe to use from what I can
> see.

Sorry if I got that wrong (might be language problems of a non-native  
speaker), but if you know it better anyway, I'd suggest you get the  
necessary sources (look at www.tug.org for more info), modify the  
makefiles to your needs, and build and install all the stuff you need  
for yourself. Certainly all of us here will agree that there is no  
use in listening to some ignorant beginner guy who designed and has  
been maintaining the i-Installer/teTeX system only for a few years  
now, voluntarily and for the benefit of a number of happy (although  
probably far-too-far-from-expert-level-) users.


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