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Hi Pete,
the thing is, I DID upgrade to TL2005 and I DID upgrade to gs 8.51, and I DID move my personal texmf tree out of the way (in a later run), and I NEVER touched any of the hidden tex-files except for updmap.cfg (at least not that I am aware of),and I tested this setup on my Pismo (sorry, of course via simpdftex, I still use "altpdftex" as a synonym for going the dvips route), and the problem still persists. This is why I made dvips responsible for the problem. I just have no idea where else the problem could be located. (Of course it will turn out in the end that I am the problem, but I still need to figure out in which way I'm involved ;-)

Am 24.11.2005 um 01:03 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

Am 23.11.2005 um 23:00 schrieb Ingo Reich:

I did so on my good old Pismo, and it seems as if this is not a problem of TL2004 vs. TL2005, but rather a problem of pdftex vs. altpdftex.

When your altpdftex or altpdflatex still works, then you can't be with TeX Live 2005! In this release they recommend to use 'simpdftex latex' ...

Try in some shell (Terminal) 'which altpdftex' to find out whether you are using some private copy or a script from Fink!

When I run pdftex on the testfile everything works fine, but if I go the dvi --> ps --> pdf route (whether I use gs, version 8.13 or latest version, or apple's distiller, whether I use the TL2004 or the experimental 2005 setup), no links are available in the resulting pdf-file. Can you reproduce this behavior?

No. gs 8.51 works right, Apple's pstopdf fails, pdftex works right of course.

 If so, it seems that for some reason those multmedia-tools are from TL2004 on incompatible with dvips.

No! The problem could be your private installation of some LaTeX packages. Look at the LOG file you sent with your first eMail: so many STY files (beamer, pgf, xcolor) come from your private property. They all come now with standard teTeX.
And a second no: it's not dvips' fault! dvips just sees a \special in the DVI file and can't do anything with it, so it passes it unchanged into its PS output:

	 -364 453 a 0
	TeXcolorgray Fa(bieten)p 0 TeXcolorgray -134 390 a
	SDict begin H.R end
	390 a -134 453 a
	SDict begin [ /Subtype /Movie /Movie << /F (PSTricks/auto/Tuxedomoon.Jingle4.wav)
	 >> /A <<     >> /T (mmdefaultlabel1) /Border [0 0 0] H.B /ANN pdfmark

The SDict is contained in the DVI file as 'ps:' special with exactly the same text. It's the 'distiller' that creates the special properties in PDF file. (If it can.)

 This probably means I have to convert my eps-file to pdf-files, wrap my pstricks-trees with pdftricks and use pdflatex, though I always hoped I could avoid that (which is why I never really followed those threads).

Ingo, given that it's *not* your private installation, you still can install Ghostscript 8.51, and all could be right.

 Could you maybe give me some hints on how to best convert my files, and how to include those graphics (instead of using smething like \includegraphics[height=6.5cm]{pictures/addsinewave.eps})?

To convert EPS to PDF you just drop them on TeXShop, AFAIR. In your \includegraphics statement you save work by *not* including the file name's extension. For PSTricks you should not need to care. PSTricks first creates a DVI file only with specials: the included graphics files and PostScript code. These files and PS code are then converted to PDF, and finally it's pdfTeX that creates the output PDF file and now includes the converted PDF instead of original graphics formats or PS code. I think it all works automatically. ps4pdf mimics this behaviour, so you can have an engine for this in TeXShop.

Can you put your phoneticstest outside your own texmf tree and rename ~/Library/texmf to ~/Library/texmf.zuvor and TeX it without your own files? Could be this already works with old Ghostscript ...

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