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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 16 23:27:00 CET 2005

Am 16.11.2005 um 22:00 schrieb Paul Vickers:

> I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to take one of my 
> TrueType font families (say, GillSans.ttf, GillSansItalic.ttf, 
> GillSansBold.ttf, and GillSansBoldItalic.ttf) and converting it so I 
> can use it with LaTeX (pdfLaTeX to be precise).

You need the TFM files.

ttf2tex is not really the best script. Philipp Lehmann wrote that 
script for a special purpose ...

If you think that you do not need any tricks (for example a slanted 
variant, but for Gill Sans this is the same as Italic, or narrow or 
expanded), then you just need the TFM files and a MAP file with entries 
like these:

	iatb8c  AmericanTypewriter-Bold           <TS1-AGL.enc <iatb8a.ttf
	iatb8t  AmericanTypewriter-Bold           <T1-WGL4.enc <iatb8a.ttf
	iatr8c  AmericanTypewriter-Regular        <TS1-AGL.enc <iatr8a.ttf
	iatr8t  AmericanTypewriter-Regular        <T1-WGL4.enc <iatr8a.ttf

Here I gave the TrueType font files the 'TeX' names, but that's not 
really necessary. What's necessary, that's that TTF files need to be 
found by TeX (for example as symlinks in 
~/Library/texmf/fonts/truetype/monotype/gillsans to the 'flat' UNIX 
type files in /Library/Fonts, if they're not 'flat,' i.e. not without 
ressource fork, then you'd need fondu to fetch the font out of the 
Macintosh file and then it's more useful to put those 'flat' files into 
the directory).

Each TTF file needs two lines. One describes the usual T1 (or TeX-Text) 
encoding, the other is for the Text Companion encoding TS1 (by 
\usepackage{textcomp}). There is no encoding for OT1.

ttf2afm's use would be something like (in bash):

	ttf2afm -a -o ~/Library/texmf/fonts/afm/monotype/gillsans/pgsr8t.afm 
/Library/Fonts/GillSans.ttf 2> pgsr8t-ttf2afm.log

	ttf2afm -a -o ~/Library/texmf/fonts/afm/monotype/gillsans/pgsr8c.afm 
/Library/Fonts/GillSans.ttf 2> pgsr8c-ttf2afm.log

ttf2tfm's use would be something like (in bash):

	ttf2tfm /Library/Fonts/GillSans.ttf -N -u -T 
~/Library/texmf/fonts/tfm/monotype/gillsans/pgsr8t.tfm 2> 

	ttf2tfm /Library/Fonts/GillSans.ttf -N -u -T 
~/Library/texmf/fonts/tfm/monotype/gillsans/pgsr8c.tfm 2> 

In tcsh you can't "2<" to redirect errors to a file but would need to 
put the command in parentheses like ( ttf2xxx .... ) >& pgsXXX.log.

You would need to create the target directories (mkdir -p 

I'm not really an expert with the ttf2xxx programmes. They might need 
different options. (I prefer to convert TTF to PostScript Type 1 and 
then use fontinst, which offers some nice options. Sorry, the single 
Perl script is not finished yet.) If they do not work right, do send a 
bug report to the author(s), as indicated in the man pages! But I know 
that I can't use \RequirePackage in a LaTeX file. \RequirePackage is 
reserved for use in CLS files. \usepackage is the right statement.



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